About Master Distribution

About Master Distribution

Master Distribution offers a complete line of Strut Fittings, Pipe Hangers, Beam Clamps & Metal Framing Supports

          • Master Distribution supplies Strut Fittings, Pipe Hangers, Beam Clamps, Metal Framing Supports, along with Connecting Fasteners and Hardware for the Strut and Hanger Industry as well as Fasteners, Aircraft Cable, and related Hardware to the Overhead Door Industry. Our products are primarily supplied through authorized Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers.

          • Our Mission: “Provide high quality industry level products at excellent overall value in a timely, accurate, professional, and dependable manner on a consistent basis using the very best customer service within the industries we serve. Be the most user friendly, knowledgeable, honest, and trustworthy company we can be at all times and communicate with everyone in a courteous, respectful, and kind manner.”

          • Master Distribution maintains one of the largest stock levels in our industry in steel, 304 stainless, 316 stainless, aluminum, zinc plated, hot dipped galvanized, electro galvanized, painted, and powder coated. Our expert team of professionals have over 120 years of experience and will work hard, smart, and fast to support our customers in any way possible. We take a “Problem Solving Solutions Oriented” approach to reach a successful goal together. You can count on us to follow through consistently in a timely fashion. We know that your success equals our success.

          • We can create custom programs tailored to the specific needs of your business.

          • Blanket orders can ensure product availability.

          • Custom packaging and labeling of products can be provided.

          • Expert technical and sales support from start to finish.

          • Mill Shipments.

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